Redline Stands (SEO)

The Challenge

Redline Stands is a well-known brand and supplier of high-quality automotive equipment for professional shops. They were keen to continue their year-over-year growth while expanding their online presence to acquire new customers. Due to the high price of their products and heavy competition from the competitors, we had to develop a strategy to rank for transactional keywords that would help improve conversions.

How We Helped

Trek Marketing helped Redline Stands to thrive in both Google and Microsoft's search engine. We have closely worked with the Redline Stands team to create content to explain the product lines and the intent of the use, to target eCommerce, transactional, and informational keywords. Our strategy also focused on creating content targeting our competitors' branded keywords to lure in customers looking for alternatives.

The Results

Trek Marketing fully took over Redline Stands accounts in 2018. Comparing the growth of an already established industry leader after 4 years of working with Trek Marketing, we found that, when compared to January - September, 2018, from January - September, 2022:

  • Increase in organic revenue
  • Increase in transactions
  • Increase in organic traffic


Increase in organic revenue


Increase in transactions


Increase in organic traffic