Redline Stands (PPC)

The Challenge

Redline Stands is a large brand and supplier of professional-grade automotive shop equipment. They were keen to continue their year over year growth while also expanding their online presence in order to acquire new customers. In addition, they wanted to drive phone calls, as many of their higher value products are sold over the phone. A comprehensive strategy needed to be developed in order to properly measure their return on investment.

How We Helped

Trek Marketing helped Redline Stands with both their Google and Microsoft Ads. In order to maintain control over bids for products with a variety of price points and margins, complex bidding strategies were used, instead of the automated strategies typically used by Google and Microsoft. We worked very closely with Redline Stands in order to ensure that phone calls from our ads were being properly attributed to products and keywords.

The Results

Trek Marketing fully took over Redline Stands accounts in 2018. Comparing the growth of an already established industry-leader after 4 years of working with Trek Marketing, we found that, when compared to January - September, 2018, from January - September, 2022:

  • Google Shopping revenue
  • Google Search campaign revenue
  • Revenue from Microsoft Ads
  • Total PPC revenue
  • Total website revenue


Google Shopping revenue


Google Search campaign revenue


Revenue from Microsoft Ads


Total PPC revenue


Total website revenue