Best Pro Lighting

The Challenge

Best Pro Lighting is a leading retailer of outdoor landscape lighting solutions. Trek Marketing has been working with Best Pro Lighting since 2016. Best Pro Lighting approached Trek Marketing, asking us to manage their entire online presence, including multiple forms of PPC advertising. Trek Marketing’s primary challenge involved splitting Best Pro Lighting’s PPC budget between multiple ad platforms in order to achieve the highest impact, taking into consideration the distinct seasonalities in their business.

How We Helped

Trek Marketing initially focussed on managing Best Pro Lighting’s Google and Microsoft Ads, but later expanded to managing their presence on Facebook, Amazon and WalMart as well. Being in an extremely competitive industry, with many big players, Trek Marketing was able to successfully achieve a continually increasing market share for Best Pro Lighting’s line of products.

The Results

For the 18 month period between January, 2021 and June, 2022, when compared to the 18 month period between January, 2015 and June, 2016 (Trek Marketing took control of Best Pro Lighting’s PPC advertising in mid-2016), Best Pro Lighting saw:

  • Increase in total Paid Search
  • Increase in revenue from Google Ads
  • Increase in total website revenue


Increase in total Paid Search


Increase in revenue from Google Ads


Increase in total website revenue.