Apollo Caster (SEO)

The Challenge

Apollo Caster is a supplier of wheel caster parts and equipment. A wheel caster is a type of wheel or caster that is mounted on a swivel, allowing it to rotate in any direction. This type of wheel is commonly used on furniture, carts, and other types of equipment that need to be able to move freely in different directions. Trek Marketing started working with Apollo Caster in May 2022 to improve their organic traffic, revenue, and conversion rate.

How We Helped

We found a lot of technical SEO issues on the website and started fixing them one by one each month. Using our premium marketing tools, we compared Apollo Caster with their competitors and found them not targeting proper keywords. We used the competitor gap analysis and started working with the team to create landing pages, optimize metadata, craft content targeting missing keywords, etc.

The Results

Between May 2022 and December 2022, Trek Marketing was able to achieve the following:

  • Increase in organic revenue
  • increase in views from organic traffic sources


Increase in organic revenue


Increase in views from organic traffic sources

Other Marketing Highlights

  • Apollo Caster saw a 7% increase in conversion rate from organic sources from May-December, 2022 vs. May-December, 2021.