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    Digital Marketing Agency Vancouver

    Finding a digital marketing agency in Vancouver can be tough because digital marketing is a broad subject and can be an incredibly difficult one to master. Especially for business owners in a world-class city like Vancouver where the costs of running a business can be very high.

    That’s where digital marketing agencies like Trek Marketing come into play.

    For less than the cost of one full-time marketing specialist, you can gain access to some of the brightest and most knowledgeable minds in modern marketing.

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    If you don’t know your SEO from your PPC and the thought of managing your social media or email marketing campaigns makes you break out in cold sweats then Trek Marketing can help your business succeed at digital marketing, whether you’re based in Vancouver, California, or London.

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    Digital Marketing Agency based in beautiful downtown Vancouver

    Finding a Vancouver Digital Marketing Agency

    There are many Digital Marketing agencies in Greater Vancouver to choose from. That often means that business owners have to shop around and test out a couple of the competing digital agencies before coming to us for help.

    Business owners might be spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting an agency, but not all Vancouver digital marketing companies are equal. And every marketing company has its specialties. Some are amazing at video marketing, others are great at establishing brands and then creating a strategy to grow brand awareness and some focus on digital marketing solutions for specific industries.

    The Trek Marketing specialty is eCommerce and conversion rate optimization. Through years of experience, we have discovered the winning formulas to help business owners not only compete with massive sites—like eBay and Amazon—but dominate their competition. We do this by focusing on three core fronts—acquisition, attraction, and automation.


    The first focus for Trek Marketing’s specialists is how we can help attract new visitors to your website or to your business. We can do this by taking a holistic view of all of your existing marketing efforts as well as the overall business landscape for your business—both online and offline.


    Search Engine Optimization (or SEO) is one of the most profitable ways to market your business. If you’re able to rank your site correctly, SEO can have truly impressive conversion rates and is effectively free money once the web presence and ranking potential have been fully realized.

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    Pay Per Click (PPC) is the ideal tool to drive traffic to your website instantly. PPC works most effectively by targeting customers in their moment of need and ensuring that they find (and ultimately choose) your business or products. Where SEO is a marathon and can take some time to become effective, PPC is a sprint. However, PPC is a pay-to-play game so the moment you stop your PPC campaigns, the traffic ceases.

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    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media Marketing allows you to take control of your branding your site correctly and showcase your products online. This form of digital marketing also allows for potential customers to see that you’re a real trustworthy business and that people just like them are happy to have selected your company via online reviews.


    Blogging allows you to expand your website and expand your potential reach. It can take as many as 7 times for customers to see your site before they finally decide to purchase from you, blogging allows you to cut this timeframe down while also providing a platform for your business to show its expertise and knowledge.


    Our second focus is on attracting customers to return to your site time and again. By focusing on how your business attracts repeat customers, we can help you reduce churn and increase your overall revenue.


    Targeting site visitors and enticing them back to complete their purchase is an important part of digital marketing in the modern era. Retargeting is also known as remarketing and allows you to display an advert that “follows” your website visitors around the web including their social media feeds and when looking at news websites.

    Branded Campaigns

    When brands are large enough and start eating into the market share of their competition they can often have their competitors running advertising campaigns against their brand name or their most popular products and services. Branded campaigns allow website owners to take control of their branding again pushing out their competitors from search engine listings or even fighting fire with fire by targeting a competitors’ main products.

    Email Marketing

    Enticing past customers to purchase from your site again can be a really difficult task. Thankfully for businesses, email marketing can help. Running monthly email campaigns can help a business stay on the mind of potential customers, oftentimes providing immediate additional revenue.


    Email Marketing Templates

    One of the most popular email marketing templates is the abandoned cart email, which is an essential component of email marketing for eCommerce websites. Automated email campaigns can also be used for service-based businesses like builders taking a lead on a journey and eventually transforming them into a customer.


    Working alongside our development partner Numinix, our experts can identify critical issues with your website speed as well as tweaks to your site that will help improve conversion rates. Find out more about our Vancouver digital marketing agency and how we can help solve your digital marketing headaches.

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