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    Email Marketing

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    As one of the oldest forms of digital communication, email marketing remains one of the most effective ways to promote, up-sell, and advertise products and services. Since consumers are interrupted by ads at every turn, email allows the reader an opportunity to engage with business materials, or respectively, decline them. Since this digital marketing service is fairly intuitive with added options to automate, before you can see campaign success, you will need to leverage a strategy from the ground up. 

    This type of marketing requires businesses to create an account with an email marketing platform (EMP), which allows them to manage an email list, as well as design and execute automated email campaigns.



    • MailChimp: This EMP is the most popular choice among businesses. Not only does it have a wide variety of pre-built email templates, but its impressive functionality allows users to segment audience lists, input engaging animations, analyze data to improve future performance, and more, all while broadcasting messages to the uploaded email database.
    • Benchmark: Trademarked as the “quickest way to grow” this EMP was developed to reach audiences and attract new customers using powered AI tools, marketing automation, and landing pages through strategic email marketing. While it differs slightly from MailChimp, Benchmark offers many of the same features, including a free starter plan.
    • Klaviyo: This EMP is used primarily for email marketing and SMS marketing. Automate your company’s communications using effective and personalized templates that strategically cater to creating productive and long-lasting consumer relationships.
    • Shopify: This subscription-based e-commerce platform allows businesses to send emails from the same online directory that hosts their storefront. Streamlined with an assortment of built-in tools, this method of email marketing makes it easy to explore and expand your sales channels.
    • Mailerlite: Often overlooked, but seemingly comparable with more popular EMPs, Mailerlite offers users automation and landing pages that are user-friendly and simple but attentive to customer needs. With seamless integration options, it’s a top suggestion by our team.


    Our service includes:

    Whether you need a professionally designed email template, segmentations for your audience lists, or ongoing sales campaigns to drive more traffic to your website, our professional email marketing service ensures that your promotions and announcements don’t go unnoticed.

    Here is what our service includes:

    • Your email list will be uploaded to the best EMP for your business
    • An interchangeable email template will be created to reuse for ongoing marketing campaigns
    • Reflecting your monthly hours, a calendar will be sent to you by email discussing how the hours will be spent for the month—this offers an opportunity for the client to bring up sales and promotions
    • The creation of automations that follow up and stay in touch with your subscribers
    • Campaigns are tagged for easy tracking and a team member will monitor success by measuring sales, conversions, and traffic


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    Our Work

    Upscale Menswear

    Upscalemenswear.com is an online retailer that specializes in high-end men's clothing and accessories. The website offers a wide range of upscale menswear options, including suits, dress shirts, shoes, and accessories from top designers and brands such as Zegna, Brioni, and Canali. They were keen to continue their year over year growth while also expanding their online presence in order to acquire new customers. Trek Marketing started working with Upscale Menswear in July 2019 to improve their organic traffic, revenue, and conversion rate.


    Increase in organic revenue


    Increase in transactions


    Increase in organic traffic

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    Our Work


    Digs Showroom is a home furnishing store located in Seattle, Washington. The store offers a variety of furniture, decor, lighting, rugs, and other home accessories from well-known and emerging designers. Their main goal was to maintain their growth from the previous year and simultaneously enhance their online reach to attract fresh clientele. Trek Marketing started working with Digs Showroom in July 2019 to improve their organic traffic, revenue, and conversion rate.


    Increase in organic revenue


    Increase in transactions


    Increase in organic traffic

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    Our Work

    Best Pro Lighting

    Best Pro Lighting is a leading retailer of outdoor landscape lighting solutions. Trek Marketing has been working with Best Pro Lighting since 2016. Best Pro Lighting approached Trek Marketing, asking us to manage their entire online presence, including multiple forms of PPC advertising. Trek Marketing’s primary challenge involved splitting Best Pro Lighting’s PPC budget between multiple ad platforms in order to achieve the highest impact, taking into consideration the distinct seasonalities in their business.


    Increase in total Paid Search


    Increase in revenue from Google Ads


    Increase in total website revenue

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    Our Work

    Redline Engineering

    Redline Stands is a large brand and supplier of professional-grade automotive shop equipment. They were keen to continue their year over year growth while also expanding their online presence in order to acquire new customers. In addition, they wanted to drive phone calls, as many of their higher value products are sold over the phone. A comprehensive strategy needed to be developed in order to properly measure their return on investment.


    Google Shopping revenue


    Google Search campaign revenue


    Total website revenue

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    Our Work

    Poco Marine

    Poco Marine is a supplier of marine parts and equipment. Poco Marine had an established brick and mortar store when Trek Marketing started working with them in November, 2018. Their goal was to improve their online presence through PPC advertising, while maintaining a very high return on ad spend due to low industry margins.


    Increase in total website revenue

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